Marquette, Michigan / Semi-private course / Par 71–6,828 yards

“Greywalls is neither predictable nor linear... it brings golfers to the edge and back while demanding they maintain a hold of their golf senses.” Bradley S. Klein, Golfweek

Granite Landscape Leads to Bold, Creative Design

The Site

The property is mature, second-growth forest with a variety of elevation changes and exposed granite rock throughout the site. The southernmost portion of the site is a broad, undulating valley on sand and has an excellent source for irrigation water in the existing well that is used to supply the old course. Mapping of the numerous wetlands on the site, including the Orianna Brook, Westren Brook, and the old plank road was done prior to any design work to account for the environmental restrictions of the land. The combination of rock, elevation, and wetlands restricted the routing of the golf course in many aspects but also presented many opportunities in vistas, natural splendor, and diversity.

“Architect Mike DeVries grabbed this rugged site by the shoulders and shook loose 18 distinctive challenges in a rough-and-tumble layout. DeVries used the exposed granite here in every way possible – as jagged hazards alongside the fairways and as aiming points behind greens.”

GOLF MAGAZINE, Top 10 New Courses You Can Play, December, 2005

The Golf Course

Despite the severity of the site, the course flows across the landscape in a manner that is walkable and intimate with respect to the land and the other holes of the golf course. The golfer is able to create a bond with the land as he challenges his game and the elements that ensure that the golf course will never be quite the same and always inspiring.

Yardage chart
1 5795455094774165
2 4253973643222874
3 17417414611594 3
4 4254253793162564
5 3123122842511584
6 18818815113785 3
7 4894894323473044
8 3433282982642374
9 3893893583462844
1524020217912998 3
1713713712194 71 3