“The final five holes encounter the ravine again and
again... These five holes may not match the five-hole
quarry hole stretch at Florida's Black Diamond, but
among $25 golf courses, they're as thrilling as it gets.
They make Diamond Springs a genuine gem.” 

- RON WHITTEN, GolfDigest.com

    A Return to Traditional Golf Values

    The Course

    Diamond Springs is an affordable public golf course between Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, and Holland in southwestern Michigan. It brings back traditional golf values of walking, shot-making, and lay-of-the-land architecture. Set amongst open grassy fields and mature hardwoods, the landscape is broken apart by several distinct "finger ridges" (each of which is 10-15 feet high) and by a twenty foot deep ravine with a meandering stream in the bottom that serves as the main feature of six holes, #9 and holes 14 through 18.

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