“A pure delight, full of humps and bumps that offer
both good and bad bounces... a grand collection of holes
that pose obvious risks and substantial rewards.”

- BRADLEY S. KLEIN, Golfweek


The Joy of Varying Contours and Terrain


The original intention of The Kingsley Club was to create a world-class golf club that would stand up to the best courses. It was to be a comfortable club with a small clubhouse, some club cottages for overnight stays, no development, a small private membership, and a golf course that fit in with the land.


The Kingsley Club covers 400 acres, more than enough to build a golf course, of varying terrain, contour, and vegetation. The soils of the property are glacial deposits which drain freely, are resistive to erosion, and support a diverse plant community. The majority of the land is upland with dramatic elevation changes in many places and contour that ranges from smooth-flowing valleys and hills to erratic ridges and bowls which rise and fall sharply. There is a wetland in the center of the property that has been left undisturbed and away from the golf course and facilities.

Much of the property was clear-cut in the 1980's and was left with little mature vegetation. Much of that area has been incorporated into the golf course, particularly on the front nine, where the course is virtually treeless in the center but bordered by mature northern hardwood forest. The openness of these holes, combined with the high elevation of the property in regard to the surrounding landscape, exposes the golfer to the elements and constantly challenges his resolve to not only beat his opponent but also nature.

The area of the back nine also had some clear-cut areas, but also has many fine maple, oak, beech, and pine trees which highlight the holes. The eighteenth re-emerges into the open landscape, completing the transition back to the grassland of the front nine.

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“It is a course of facets, strategies, and even adventures.
Its subtle tilts, veiled rises and sly bunkers can change one’s
approach to a shot every bit as much as DeVries’ alternate tee
boxes, which on certain holes are situated 90 degrees apart.”




  • Ranked #76 in World 100, Planet Golf  2017
  • Ranked #21 in Top 100 Modern Courses, Golfweek 2016
  • Ranked #110 in USA, Golf 2017
  • Ranked #126 in Top 100 Listings, Golf Digest 2017
  • America’s 50 Greatest Golf Retreats, Golf Digest
  • Gazetteer Selection, World Atlas of Golf
  • Planet Golf World 100, planetgolf.com.au