DeVries Designs not only designs new courses but
takes seriously the responsibility of maintaining the
integrity of existing distinguished golf courses.


Meadow Club - Fairfax, California

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In 2016, DeVries Designs rebuilt the short game area and practice tees for this wonderful Charles Banks designed course.  Due to limited area, the range at Tamarack hits across the 13th hole, with netting on the opposite side.  The arrangement is less than ideal but we maximized the utilization of the area by (1) rebuilding the chipping green at a more suitable level for an assortment of short game plays, (2) developing 14 new artificial teeing pads, and (3) adding three small chipping targets for range users to play to when golfers occupy the 13th hole and they cannot hit full range shots.  This was a great project to help organize and improve the practice facilities for a top level club.

  • Golfweek, 2016 Top Classic Courses in USA, #173

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Jockey Club - San Isidro, Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA

Dr. Alister MacKenzie's design for 36 holes at the Jockey Club was the impetus for him to leave the United States at the beginning of the Depression in 1930.  His two courses, the championship Colorado (red) and Azul (blue), were constructed efficiently by Luther Koontz, his associate that came from the USA to build the two courses and others in South America. The land is flat and the soil is heavy, making drainage a main factor in any construction project in Buenos Aires.  MacKenzie devised a swale system that would help the property drain faster and utilize the dirt cut from such
swales to build up his green platforms, making for difficult approaches and recoveries on the sloped putting surfaces.  Mike has been consulting with Jockey to restore features on the golf course to proper MacKenzie style but budgets have been minimal so far.  Please see the accompanying photos of the bunker reconstruction on the first fairway.

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La Frontera Golf - Salta Province, ARGENTINA

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St. Charles Country Club - Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

A new Short Game Practice Facility was constructed in 2000. A Long Range Master Plan assessment of the golf course has been completed with the goal to restore and maintain the distinction of the club’s three nines, one designed by Alister MacKenzie, one by Donald Ross, and one by Norman Woods. Restoration of some greens and bunkers, along with a major drainage network, has been completed on the MacKenzie nine, mowing contours have been adjusted, and selective tree cutting and relocation has been implemented.

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Redlands Country Club - Redlands, California

A Long Range Golf Course Improvement Plan for the renovation of this Norman Macbeth course has been completed. Construction of an irrigation pond, in conjunction with the re-routing and renovation of several holes and the driving range, has been completed.

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Walloon Lake Country Club - Petoskey, Michigan

Renovation of the first green and second tees, along with selective tree removals, was accomplished in Fall, 2005. A Long Range Golf Course Improvement Plan for the renovation of this old northern Michigan golf course was completed in 2009. Phasing of the plan to allow golf to be played continuously is being coordinated with the club.

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Walnut Hills Country Club - East Lansing, Michigan

A Long Range Golf Course Improvement Plan was completed in 2001. The green and fairway mowing patterns have been adjusted to reflect the traditional nature of the course and a complete bunker renovation was carried out from late 2002 to early 2003. Tree management and drainage in critical areas are the main issues to contend with in the future.

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Boyne USA - Big Sky, Montana/Petoskey, Michigan

In 2008, Boyne USA, the ski and golf resort company based in northern Michigan, hired DeVries Designs to do Long Range Golf Course Improvement Plans for two of their courses: the Big Sky Golf Course at the Big Sky Resort in Big Sky, Montana, and the Moor Course at Boyne Highlands Resort in Petoskey, Michigan. Both courses are 30-35 years old and have been affected by encroaching residential development and changing technology. A full analysis of the golf courses looked at the rejuvenation and renovation of features, equipment, and holes to best serve the needs of the resorts and their golf patrons.

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