We are dedicated to being on-site and involved in the design and construction process to give our clients the best solution for their
project. The ability to be on-site throughout the process allows
for a quick response to unforeseen circumstances and is more cost efficient by being able to react to the evolution of the design.



Work on existing golf courses requires patience and understanding to ensure that damage is not inflicted on the golf course. Clubs often look for change, frequently in the guise of staying current with the latest golf design trends, but careful deliberation is appropriate.

DeVries Designs’ approach to work on existing courses is to first understand the history of the course. This helps determine whether there is a need to restore historically significant or unique features and to develop a philosophy that will guide the golf course in the years to come. From this, a long range plan for the golf course is developed, providing a solid foundation that will prioritize what should be restored, renovated, or altered, and when it should be undertaken.

View Meadow Club in our Courses section for a Renovation Case Study


Renovated courses

DeVries Designs takes seriously the responsibility of maintaining the integrity of the following distinguished golf courses:

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