Joe Hancock

Design Associate

Joe Hancock provides DeVries Designs, Inc. with expertise in golf course shaping, construction management, and agronomic advice.

Hancock’s background in golf is varied, with nearly 20 years as a GCSAA Class A Superintendent and additional experience as an Irrigation Technician. He has worked and lived in North Carolina and Michigan, providing him with a full working knowledge of both warm and cool season grasses. Hancock has been responsible for the construction of two golf courses (unrelated to DeVries Designs) through all phases. He was also a co-owner of Grand Island Golf Course, in Grand Rapids, Michigan, from 1997-2007.

Hancock assisted Mike DeVries on the Mines Golf Course construction in 2004 and Redlands Country Club renovation in 2005. He continues to work as a freelance shaper and with DeVries Designs, Inc. on selected projects, providing another level of practical experience to golf course construction, design, maintenance, and development.

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