“The Mines offers a different kind of challenge...And to DeVries’ credit, the courses of his I’ve played are not cookie cutter designs or routed over questionable land formations.”


    Natural Retreat in Urban Grand Rapids

    The Site

    Located above a portion of old gypsum mines, and only 5 minutes from the heart of downtown, the site features mature hardwoods, rolling terrain, and sandy soils. The scenic nature of the course belies its urban location and golfers will relish seeing nature up close throughout their round; it truly gives one an “Up North” feeling. The views at the Mines are important to the golf course’s internal and external relationships. Vistas between holes and during cross-overs where players see other golfers earlier or later in the round help to integrate the round and reinforce the completeness of the routing. Long distance views of the surrounding community help to cement the golf course to its urban setting while the wilder parts inside the golf course feel like the countryside.

    The Course

    The naturally rolling site is sand-based, well-draining, and full of character. It is expected that the turf will be kept dry and firm to bring the ground features into play and provide an option to the golfer to use the firm turf to move the ball along the ground instead of just aerially. The skill to do so will be a great advantage in windy conditions, when high shots will be blown into trouble, and for creative players who see opportunities in such shots when hitting longer clubs into greens. The side slopes and natural terrain at the Mines offer a great number of options for these types of shots.

    The Mines presents golfers with wonderful options to try a variety of strokes with every playing. Shot values are high and excellence is rewarded while indifferent players will enjoy the scenery and get around in a reasonable number of strokes without losing a lot of balls. Players will be asked to assess their ability to work the ball in different directions to make the stroke that will get the ball close to the hole or play a more conservative shot that will not present too much danger for the next play. Golf at the Mines is fun and affordable!

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    "This is what golf is about: adjusting your shot selection to accommodate any former mistake in order that you will better
    your chances on the next stroke. The greens at the Mines provide
    that, giving an endless variety of shot options to the golfer."



    • Ranked #20 in Michigan’s Best Public Access Courses, Golfweek 2013
    • America’s Best New Courses, Golf Digital