DeVries Designs endeavors to study the designs of the great courses of the world and writings by the old masters of golf course architecture in order to learn and apply those ideas which have stood the test of time.


The key to maximizing a site's potential is to take the modern technology available and to utilize it to engineer a golf course which is based on the classic design principles of the great courses and which promotes playability, subtle golf features, and exciting golf for all levels of players. That is the true measure of a great course.

It is paramount that a golf course responds to the inherent character of a parcel to bring out the unique, and best, qualities of that site. This is how to build an everlasting golf course that will intrigue golfers throughout their lives. Mere length and difficulty in the attempt to create a "championship" course frequently results in a dull, insipid affair that brings no pleasure to the participants, who soon grow weary of such play and go elsewhere.

Successful design is directly related to sustainable ecosystem planning and management. This necessitates working on-site to understand the natural processes and create features that appear to have been there for years.

In order to achieve these objectives, Mike DeVries devotes much of his time to studying the land and personally shaping greens and bunkers. By directly shaping golf features himself, Mike is able to immediately react to what is being built and improve upon it, thus providing a unique product and ensuring quality design.