Mines mentioned in Golf Vacation Insider

"There are a lot of golf courses that have replaced far less desirable sites: industrial sites, landfills and other non-golf entities. We’re biased, but we tend to think green spaces are better than metal, smoke and concrete. And if those green spaces happen to have 9 or 18 greens, even better. 

Here are our favorite “reclaimed” golf courses:

The Mines Golf Course – Grand Rapids, Mich.


Central Michigan is prime mining country, and The Mines is built on the site of former gypsum mining activities. The course embraces this heritage not just with its name but with one of the best public-course logos we’ve seen. Furthermore, materials from the mining operation were incorporated in the design of the course.  An example of the minimalist design philosophy of Mike DeVries, the course only has 31 bunkers – including half a dozen bunkerless holes – so its main defense is a set of fun but potentially fearsome greens. There are not too many courses by name designers whose green fees top out below $54, but The Mines is no ordinary course."

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